all containers are dark inside; whatever engine, whatever medium (polygraph II), 2012

The sound installation was conceived to be an amalgamation between a dystopic brain scan and a judicial polygraph station. Inside the black cube, an interrogator questions an individual with inquiries ranging from the banal to the personal to the theoretical, all the while punctured by intermittent interruptions of noise. For Latour, the black box hides all the functionalities and incongruences in a streamlined interface. Guided by an allegiance to machinic truths, the polygraph is emblematic of the contemporary condition to entrust the very private, bodily, and personal to a set of algorithms.

Through the installation, the viewer becomes hyper-aware of their bodily situation, by being displayed to others while attempting to absorb information from the piece. Inducing anonymity and alienation, self-consciousness and voyeurism, the project epitomizes the condition of post-Fordist immaterial labour, where one is compelled to be subjugated by communication, in our collective desires to both disclose and absorb information.

- Kevin Tsuan-Hsiang Day -
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