the how of this is helplessly entangled; yet not a thing remains as it was (with Nathan McNinch), 2012

The installation consists of several machines that retrieve information from the audience, such as movement, density, and proximity, and print out the data continuously in the form of a polygraph-style graph. The information was randomly allocated to the machines at random intervals, thereby making the exact nature of the data output unknown.

Conceived as a 'forced-interactive' piece, the installation seeks to exemplify the clandestine process where subjective, social, and cognitive attributes become privatized and reduced to data for the efficient administration of post-Fordist capital in the information age. The point of resistance enters in through an induced obsolescence. By making the data dysfunctional through illegibility and overabundance, the piece avoids the reification of body attributes into instrumental use and exchange value, framing it as a counter strategy against the enterprise of immaterial production.


- Kevin Tsuan-Hsiang Day -
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