a critical introduction to unbounded consciousness (Slavoj Žižek: qualia, mind and self), 2012

This installation consists of a number of library books standing in a linear manner in display cases, with each book corresponding to a particular page on Wikipedia, thus forming a material reification and visual manifestation of a particular Wikipedia browsing experience the artist had. The exact progression of books was determined by a past browsing experience (back in July 2011) that began with the philosopher Slavoj Žižek. The project intends to effectively demonstrate the intertextual and interdiscursive nature of information and knowledge, by emphasizing with books the act of navigating web pages through a progression of clicking from one link to the next. The work seeks to draw attention to the precarious and contentious relation between physical books and virtual bodies of knowledge, as well as to demonstrate the discrepancy between the two, namely the concise, rhizomatic and accessible nature of Wikipedia juxtaposed with the detailed, fixed, and thorough nature of books. This project was realized in conjunction with the 2012 Digital Humanities Conference at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

- Kevin Tsuan-Hsiang Day -
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