his genetics hires the precise fake behind a skin (human twitter), 2011

The piece frames the subject as a clandestine and ghostly machine, in this case, specifically a human Twitter. The subject reiterates the ‘hot tweets’ of a particular day, these being the most circulated and most popular tweets. As Hardt and Negri wrote, “the multitude not only uses machines to produce, but also becomes increasingly machinic itself, as the means of production are increasingly integrated into the minds and bodies of the multitude.” For Lazzarato, subjects are given the illusion of being (re)producers, of having agency, but in fact their subjectivities are produced by manufacturers of immaterial labour. They feel the necessity to constantly (re)produce, to disclose, to voluntarily disseminate and replicate that which has been projected and transmitted onto them. The subject-turned-object then function as machines on the peripheral, disappearing into homogenized numbness but maintaining presence in the blind spot (the Heideggerian opacity of technology), where disparate bits of information all get swallowed up and regurgitated in an undifferentiated formlessness that undergoes endless de/re-contextualization.

- Kevin Tsuan-Hsiang Day -
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