world wide waste (in development)

This project will consist of two parts: 1) a downward video projection that references various screens and interfaces, and 2) a series of fog machines programmed to release a certain amount of smoke depending on the data-usage of the exhibition/gallery space.  The two components of the project are designed to inextricably link our digital lives and online presence with the very material presence of smoke and by extension, the impact on our bodies and the world – a focus on the materiality of something supposedly immaterial. The project stemmed from our current situation in light of COVID-19 and the exacerbation of such digital condition, to rely more on and entrench further into the digital, which has irrevocable environmental impacts. The work of digital and information consultant Gerry McGovern (2020) who looks at the carbon footprint of the now-ubiquitous Zoom meetings encapsulates the impetus for the project. His work emphasizes, from an industry and practical perspective, the fact that the digital is not necessarily green, and actually comes at a cost to the environment in its use of energy and subsequent emission of CO2. Emphasizing such material impact of the digital world is key to this proposed project.

- Kevin Tsuan-Hsiang Day -
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